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The Mutant similar to Virginia as seen in announcement trailer

Virginia is the woman seen in the Sons of The Forest Trailers. Her name is shared with the multiple legged mutant of the first game, and shares the trait of multiple limbs, but is still quite different as well as having her humanity intact.


  • Has three arms, two arms appear to be in their normal place. The third arm appears to be attached to her shoulder on her left side.
  • Has three legs, two legs appear to be in their normal place. The third leg appears to be attached to the front left of the hip, in front of her left leg.
  • Is very flexible, able to do a 170 degree stretch with her right leg.
  • Wears a grey colored leotard
  • Very feminine in her appearance
  • Has blonde hair
  • Slender to moderate build
  • Appears to be in her early to mid 20's
  • Does not wear shoes or any kind of footwear


  • She appears to have seductive traits in the way that she moves her body in front of the player.
  • She appears to be frightened while the player is fighting off cannibals.
  • She is affected by temperature: shivering while in a cold area, and likes to sit in the sun.

Confirmed Information

Endnight Games confirmed in an interview that they call her Virginia, from Interview 2 with Farket:

12. What names or placeholders do you have for the woman and other creatures shown in SotF?
We do call her Virginia, you also see Twins and Fingers towards the end of the trailer.

Endnight Games confirmed in an interview what her purpose is, from Interview 2 with Farket:

1. Are you able to provide more information about the woman in the trailer? Does the player need to protect her at all times? Some players are concerned that she might be needy and require a lot of maintenance. Or will there be a “Story Mode” and a “Survival Mode”?
She doesn’t give you missions or anything like that; you can try to have her like you, ignore her, scare her off, how you interact with her is up to each player and we hope everyone will have really unique interactions with her.


These are theories that people have regarding Virginia. If you wish to leave one here, please do so and feel free to place your name next to it. Do not remove or change other peoples theories.

  • It is possible that Virginia was in the process of becoming a Mutant Virginia from The Forest, though the process was halted for some reason and she escaped - Farket
  • Maybe she is patient 0 and that’s why they continued making more but she was immune to the continuing mutation unlike the rest - A Fan
  • It is possible that Virginia is the latest test subject of the Jarius Project. Sahara may be slowly chipping away at the mutation problem, and getting closer to isolating the key to the Creepy Mutants longevity - nhryciw1
  • Maybe the Site 2 is just north of the North-facing Mountain and this is an extension of the map. The developers said, if I recall correctly, that the map will differ from the one on Timmy's wall in the ending sequence from the original game. So, this girl might be Sally from the plane that was crashed to revive Timmy. She might've survived somehow, mutated "slightly" and during the story Timmy will be made aware that she is the reason he is alive. - XianBear
  • You guys think she slowly mutates to a normal Virginia? - The Fan Again
  • Maybe the way you treat the Virginia affects your standing with the cannibals or changes their hostility. Like if you attack her and try to kill her cannibals will be more aggressive sooner or if you try to help her the cannibals won't be as aggressive toward you.
  • Maybe this is a prequel and she's the first Virginia and hasn't fully mutated yet. The music in the trailer sounds reminiscent to music from the 80s. - KpopNekoChan
  • Response to KpopNekoChan (TBGB) This game has been established as a sequel, canonically.