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This page serves as a comprehensive write up of the story of Sons of the Forest.

The Forest Ending[edit | edit source]

After the ending of The Forest where the player revives Timmy via crashing another plane (and the subsequent talk show), an apartment scene is shown from the adult Timmy's perspective. It appears Timmy has decided to research more about the Peninsula, and discovered another island which he designated 'Site 2'. It is assumed this is where Sons of the Forest will be taking place. At the end of that scene, Timmy is revealed to still be suffering from side effects from the Resurrection Obelisk but fortunately has not fully mutated like Megan Cross.

Synopsis of The Release Trailer[edit | edit source]

The player (assumed to be Timmy) is on a helicopter heading for an unknown location, there are several other people on board who look like special operatives, wearing tactical gear. After Timmy looks at a 'Fight Demons' tattoo on his arm, something is thrown at the helicopter and it crashes. After the crash (the player has survived), the massive hand of a Giant is shown thrashing and killing another person from the helicopter. The player must now survive on the island while exploring it, possibly with other survivors from the crash as a co-op mode. In the second trailer, we see the character holding a GPS, with a location on the screen. We then see the player carrying logs towards a log cabin, with what is presumed to be a Virginia standing outside. It seems to have human emotions, and is passive. The trailer also shows the player digging and finding a bunker, with a red mask in it that seems to act like paint.