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Buildings are objects that the player can construct using material that are either found or crafted to assist the player in their adventures in Sons of The Forest.

The buildings mentioned here are either seen in the trailers released or mentioned by Endnight from interviews:

Solar Panels[edit | edit source]

Solar panels will be able to charge batteries for electric equipment and power simple electronics, such as heaters and lights.

Heater[edit | edit source]

INFO REQUIRED The heater will provide warmth to the Player Character similar to a campfire.

Electrical Light[edit | edit source]

INFO REQUIRED The electrical light will be a light source powered through electrical means.

Log Cabin[edit | edit source]

INFO REQUIRED. It will likely require a lot of logs to build.

Ground Weapon Holder[edit | edit source]

INFO REQUIRED The ground weapon holder will likely be able to hold and/or display weapons.

Stick Fence[edit | edit source]

INFO REQUIRED The stick fence will most likely be a short fence composed of sticks. It appears the stick fence will have a randomized appearance.

Free-Standing Zipline[edit | edit source]

INFO REQUIRED The free standing zipline is a zipline supported by two log stands. The cannibals have been said to be able to use them

Custom Foundation[edit | edit source]


Custom Wall[edit | edit source]